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It is the goal of Redondo Sunset to send the best teams to represent The League in All-Star play. Below is an overview of how the Softball All-Star Program works:

  • All-Star teams are selected toward the end of the regular Spring Season.
  • Redondo Sunset will attempt to select 1-2 All-Star teams in each softball division.
  • To be eligible for All-Stars, each player must submit a consideration agreement form to your coach by April 27, 2018 (can be downloaded below).
  • To be eligible for All-Stars the player must have participated in 75% of the regular season games per USA rules (please see the standing rules and USA rules for full eligibility rules).
  • Teams are selected by the Managers of each division.
  • Players will be notified by the All-Star manager if they have been selected.
  • Players will be asked to commit to a practice and tournament schedule in order to participate.
  • All-Star teams may begin practicing before the end of the regular season.
  • If selected to an All-Star Team a separate fee from the regular season is required to be paid to participate.

To view the complete Redondo Sunset All-Star Selection Process, see the standing rules under League Documents.

If you have any questions regarding All-Stars, please email us at: help@redondosunset.com


2018 Softball Consideration Form