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Attention all baseball, softball players and fans! Redondo Sunset is excited to launch our PONY Champions League season. Our league champions the diversity and inclusivity of children with special needs. In The Redondo Sunset Champions League, every child has the opportunity to participate in America’s favorite pastime, baseball and softball, no matter what their abilities are.

Our league’s main objective is to provide a supportive environment that promotes players’ physical mobility and self-confidence while embodying the values of teamwork and community. We focus on creating a space where every child has a chance to enjoy sports in a positive and encouraging setting.
We are thrilled to introduce The Redondo Sunset Champions League to the community and hope to create positive and lasting memories for everyone involved. Join us as we celebrate diversity and inclusive sportsmanship on the field. Let’s play ball!

The Champions League Details

  • No registration fee or costs
  • All ages and all abilities are welcome to play
  • No residence boundaries, all zip codes are welcome to play
  • 6 event dates between March-May
  • Max 60 minute commitment per game.
  • All events will be at Alta Vista Park in Redondo Beach on South Bay POS Field (same location as AYSO34 VIP games)
  • Hats, shirts and equipment provided.

To volunteer or for more info contact program directors Matthew and Chris McCauley at:

Game Schedule (Day & Time)

Game 1 | March 10 @ 10am Sunday
Game 2 | March 17 @ 10am Sunday
Game 3 | March 24 @ 10am Sunday
Game 4 |April 14 @ 10am Sunday
Game 5 | April 28 @ 10am Sunday
Game 6 | May 19 @ 10am Sunday


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