The noah chang memorial foundation scholarship

The Noah Chang Memorial Foundation Scholarship

Our league philosophy is that any child who wants to play baseball or softball should be able to regardless of their family’s financial situation. So many of us experience hardships from time to time and we want to help as many players get on the field as we can through a full or partial scholarship.

We cannot accommodate all scholarship requests, and each application will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If you have received a scholarship for previous seasons, there is a chance we may try to first accommodate a family in need who has not received a scholarship in the past.

The Noah Chang Memorial Foundation is proud to partner with Redondo Sunset to help further the game of baseball and softball for the children in our community. Our son Noah discovered his love of the game while playing at Redondo Sunset.

We believe this was only possible because of the amazing parents, families, coaches and volunteers that are a part of this organization. We hope that our gifts can provide for those families in need and give their children the opportunity to play and enjoy this beautiful game.

Please understand that these scholarships are designed for families who have a legitimate hardship and not for those that may just be having a bad month or would like to save the money for a vacation instead of paying for registration fees (just to give a couple of examples).

To apply for a scholarship, please fill out the form below and a Redondo Sunset Board Member will respond within 2-3 days.

Please Fill Out This Short Questionnaire To Be Considered For The Scholarship

2023 Coming Soon!

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