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Redondo Sunset Code of Conduct

  1. I will review the terms of this Code of Conduct with my player and other family members, as this Code of Conduct establishes league expectations for all of us at Redondo Sunset.
  2. I agree not to incite or participate in unsportsmanlike conduct at any Redondo Sunset practice, game, or function;
  3. I agree not to use abusive or profane language or actions, both on and off the field of play, as verbal or physical abuse is not tolerated at Redondo Sunset. This includes digital communications with other members of the league, including text messages, emails, social media, GameChanger, Team Snap, etc.
  4. I agree not criticize, belittle, antagonize, or incite opposing players, opposing managers, or opposing spectators. This show respect to the game, team, and manager.
  5. I will arrive at Redondo Sunset practices and games on time. This shows respect for the game, team, and manager, and to the scheduler who works hard to use every possible minute of field and practice space for our players.
  6. I will always treat the umpires with the respect they deserve, even when – especially when – I disagree with a call they have made. This shows respect for the game and the umpires.
  7. I will model respect for the umpires and coaches for my child and other players at Redondo Sunset. This means I will refrain from criticizing the umpires and coaches in front of Redondo Sunset children, even when the umpire or coach is not around.
  8. I understand that it is the responsibility of Redondo Sunset members (including all parents and players) to represent our league in a positive way to our community, including on social media.
  9. If I volunteer to manage, coach, or work with the team, including going into the dugout, I will comply with background checks and SafeSport requirements before working with players at Redondo Sunset games, practices, or functions.
  10. I will treat Redondo Sunset equipment and fields with respect, acknowledging the donations, league fees, and volunteer work that make use of them possible.
  11. I understand that by signing this agreement, I accept responsibility for my own actions and decisions, as well as those of any family member or guest I invite or bring to a Redondo Sunset game, practice, or function, and that all such family members and guests are bound by this Code of Conduct.
  12. I understand that violation of this agreement can result in penalties including removal from game, ejection from Alta Vista Park, and even suspension and termination of the privilege of participating in baseball and softball activities at Redondo Sunset.


All managers, coaches, team parents and parents who plan on helping with practices for baseball (softball has a separate background check system) must be LIVE SCANNED. If you have previously done it for Redondo Sunset, then you are fine for four years. If you have done it for another organization (TABB, RBYB, or your employment, etc., you still need to have it completed as they do not transfer to organizations. This is a MANDATORY program Redondo Sunset implemented and there are NO EXCEPTIONS.

Dependent on where you go for your live scan service costs range from $18-$24. You may go to RBPD (check RBPD for available hours), Safe & Secure located at 4172 S. Pacific Coast Hwy #103, Torrance 90505 (located at the corner of PCH/Anza) they are open 9:00am- 6:00pm M-F and by appointment on Saturdays (310)373-3202

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